People vaccinated against COVID-19 can access an activity or location from June.

The vaccine status in the CoronaCheck app can be shown as proof.

At the moment, access is only granted with a negative test certificate.

The CoronaCheck app should make it possible for people to gain access to, for example, a football stadium or festival.

The app has been tested at Fieldlab events so far.

The app can now show that someone has taken a corona test that turned out to be negative up to 48 hours earlier.

The chance of an infected person entering and infecting others there is smaller.

People who have received a corona vaccine can also voluntarily share that data in a database.

Those who give permission can then use CoronaCheck to show the vaccination certificate.

No distinction is made at the door between a negative test or a vaccine.

In this way an indirect vaccination obligation must be prevented, writes outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) in a letter to the Lower House.

People without a smartphone or internet access will receive a paper vaccination certificate.

Those who do not want to have their data in the vaccine database may be given an alternative to get it in somewhere, but nothing is known about this yet.

The caretaker cabinet wants to introduce a law before the Netherlands makes definitive use of test certificates.

If the House of Representatives and the Senate agree, people can enter somewhere with a negative test from May.