After two weeks of trial, the driver of the car that ran into a pizzeria in Sept-Sorts in the Paris region in August 2017, killing a 13-year-old girl, did not explain his act.

He risks life imprisonment, unless an alteration in his condition at the time of the facts is retained by the jurors.

The verdict is expected for Thursday.

After two weeks of trial at the Court of Assizes of Seine-et-Marne, the driver of the car that ran into a pizzeria in Sept-Sorts in the Paris region in 2017 has still not succeeded or wanted to give reason to his act.

A 13-year-old girl was killed and a dozen others were injured.

Tuesday, the suspect was questioned at length and the victims, many in the room, were not at all convinced.

The suspect's lawyer had warned: the accused has blackouts.

"I was in the dark," he repeated a dozen times to justify himself, "I was in distress, I twisted in my head," he continued.


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"A lack of respect for the victims"

But difficult for many to accept these excuses, as for Henri: "for me, he is not sincere", estimates this man who was on the terrace of the pizzeria the evening of the facts.

Beside him, Maguy did not hold back his tears during the interrogation: "It is too easy. It is a lack of respect for the victims who are in front of him. It is a quick answer when he does not know not what to say, because he is afraid to say too much. He killed a little girl, he destroyed lives, he must take a max ", she confides at the microphone of Europe 1.


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During the hearing, the parents of the deceased teenager often bowed their heads, looking bored or even exasperated.

"It's unbearable! In front of them, they have a man who stammers, who says he rushes into a pizzeria but not to kill, who talks about an accident and then about a willful act. It's the worst. things for the victims, "said their lawyer François Mazon.

The accused risks life imprisonment, but if the jurors recognize a deterioration in his condition at the time of the facts, as the psychiatric experts concluded, his sentence could be reduced.

The verdict is expected on Thursday.