Philips also lost the second round in a patent lawsuit that the company filed against smartwatch makers Garmin and Fitbit.

The American International Trade Center (ITC) goes along with earlier findings of the judge, who decided that the companies were not infringing on Philips patents.

Philips wanted a blanket import ban on Garmin and Fitbit equipment because the companies allegedly infringed on Philips-invented technology for health monitoring and alarm functions.

Philips said it developed the technology for its health products Lifeline, Biosensor and Sleep Diagnostic.

The company wanted to force the ITC, among other things, that Garmin and Fitbit still had to buy a license for the patents.

It is the second time that the ITC Philips has rejected that request.

The lawsuits included GPS technology, personal data security and wearable internet connections.

Philips sells its own smartwatch and also develops these types of technologies for patient tracking systems.

In the field of intellectual property, Philips is the most active Dutch company.

The medical technology company has applied for more than 1,500 patents per year in recent years.