Sergeant Byun Hee-soo, who had asked for an opportunity to protect the country as a Korean soldier, passed away last month without completing that dream.

Sergeant Byun's family members continue to file a lawsuit asking for the cancellation of the disposition.

However, a day before Sergeant Byeon died last month, an answer containing the government's position arrived at Sergeant Byun Hee-soo.

The panda team checked the answer to the end and found it was full of content that promoted discrimination and hatred.

First, reporter Kwon Ji-yoon will start with the contents of the government response.


Seven months after the late Sergeant Byun


soo filed a reinstatement lawsuit, the government submitted the first answer to the court.

It's 54 pages long, written by the Army headquarters.

In the response, the government stipulated that Sergeant Byun's sex change operation was "intentionally caused a mental and physical disability due to a testicular defect."

Gender identity disagreement is not a mental disorder, and sex change surgery is a proven medical surgery, but it is linked to mental illness and physical damage.

He also cited the fact that it was a'target of curiosity' as a reason for compulsory warfare.

"Sergeant Byun, who can be a target of curiosity, is difficult to fusion, and its utility in the military is limited."

[Hongseongsu / Sookmyung Women's University Faculty of Law Professor: (going) to the idea that the fundamental issue is put to a fixed any image or statue of a soldier in traditional namseongsang there if you deviate a little from its vague would be difficult samurai army]

In addition, "hormone injections It is difficult for Sergeant Byun to perform the mission as a tank driver.

If periodic female hormone therapy is a problem, there is a potential for problems with women's childbirth and health leave. Currently, the number of women in service is close to 14,000.

[Bang Hye-rin / Military Human Rights Center Team Leader: Self-confidence.

It's almost self-contradictory.

Why did you choose a woman?

Then.] The

government also stipulated that "Sergeant Byeon's military service is to ignore the majority of human rights for the human rights of one individual, and to overlook the right to pursue the happiness of others."

[Bang Hye-rin / Military Human Rights Center Team Leader:'Because you are a private soldier, you violate my basic rights because you are a female soldier.'

It's hate and exclusion.

Of course, you are saying that it would be nice if no one exists.]

The government said, "It was just that Sergeant Byeon, who was only a compulsory service member, was completely disposed of to avoid military service obligations," he said. "Transgender service should take into account the security situation and the military and cultural conditions that are different from country to country." As in Korea, over 20 countries, including the United States and Germany, as well as Israel, which have a conscription system, allow transgender people to serve in the military.

Although the National Human Rights Commission of Korea has changed compulsory warfare as discrimination and human rights violations, the military has not changed the enforcement rules of the Military Justice Act, which was the basis for the war.

Although it is an enforcement rule that can be changed by the government's will, not a matter of legal revision, the current government, which has emphasized human rights, is insisting.

[Hong Seong-su/Professor at Sookmyung Women's University Law School: The fact that the attitude toward transgender people in a national organization has a tremendous impact on society as a whole.

If taking these discriminatory and exclusive attitudes and positions will have a very negative impact on the larger community.

(Video interview: times Munsan, video editing: Seung - Hee, CG: hongseongyong, seongjaeeun)