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A park official in his 70s who was accused of forcibly harassing a teenage student who was walking through the park was sentenced to a fine.

The Seoul Western District Law Criminal 6-single (Director Sung-Dae Kim) announced today (13) that he sentenced 70-year-old A to the trial for forced harassment and sentenced him to a fine of 7 million won.

On July 22, 2020, Mr. A

approached the victim B who


walking at

Susaek Park in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul at


2:20 pm

and suggested prostitution, such as "I'll give you 300,000 won, so let's date."

When Ms. B refused, Mr. A was accused of kissing Ms. B's hand, asking for a handshake.

She was 19 years old at the time.

It is said that Mr. A was a fixed-term worker at the ward office in charge of managing the park's trees and sports facilities.

Mr. A denied the crime, saying, "I have never kissed the back of Miss B's hand" from the investigation process to the trial. In addition

, it is known that Miss B, the victim, made a second offense, stating that she induces her behavior.

However, the court admitted that there was a harassment of Mr. A, saying, "There is a recorded file of the situation at the time, and Ms. B's statement is specific and consistent." He pointed out, "Not only did he commit a crime against a young girl, but he did not admit his wrongdoing and did not ask for forgiveness from the victim, so his guilt is not light at all."

In addition to a fine, the court ordered Mr. A to complete 40 hours of sexual violence treatment programs and a three-year restriction on employment in institutions related to children and adolescents and welfare facilities for the disabled.

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