Last month, a fire broke out at a nursing hospital in Wonju, Gangwon-do.

More than 130 patients and medical staff evacuated without significant damage, and the fire department publicized it as an excellent case for responding well to fire.

However, as a result of checking the firefighting facilities, it was fortunate that there was no major accident.

G1 broadcast reporter Kwak Dong-hwa interviewed alone.


As soon as the smoke rises, the flames are extinguished with a fire extinguisher, and the patient is carried step by step on the stairs.

On the 20th of last month, a fire broke out in a nursing hospital in Wonju, but both the medical staff and 130 patients turned off the fire without any serious injuries.

The fire department is publicizing it on YouTube as an excellent example, but it was not.

This is a nursing hospital in Wonju, where a fire broke out last month.

It was confirmed that some sprinklers were not installed on the three floors with smoke and fire.

There is only a hole in the office ceiling without a sprinkler, but the drain pipe is not connected.

The total floor area of ​​the hospital is 6,500㎡, and sprinklers must be installed in all spaces excluding toilets.

However, when the space designed as a toilet was converted into a disinfection room and a warehouse, the sprinkler was not installed or only pretended.

[Former nursing hospital employee: I used it as an office. From the time it was first opened... . When I got the certification for a nursing hospital, I got it because it looked like a sprinkler head was put on a fake.]

The management company who was in charge of the fire fighting facility at the hospital building also said that it was aware of this.

[Fire facilities management company: I knew it was wrong, but there is a position in a nursing home, and you have to coordinate it. I did too much interior work and (the entrance door) was locked, so I couldn't see a lot.]

The hospital said it was correct that some of the facilities had been renovated, but they recently applied for a change of use, and that sprinklers were to be installed soon.

In 2019, it was revealed that the fire fighting special investigation team had inspected it during the licensing process of the nursing hospital in 2019, but failed to confirm the violation.

(Video coverage: Ha Jung-woo G1 broadcast)