Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who announced that he would pursue a new distance-taking method, insisted today (12th) to introduce a self-diagnosis kit.

Depending on the industry, instead of increasing the business time limit, we will conduct a self-diagnosis test in advance so that only those who have a negative sound can enter the store.

Experts' reaction to this is mixed.

Reporter Ho-Geon Lee covered it.


Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon attended the critical script meeting today and urged us to quickly introduce a'self-diagnosis kit' that has not yet been approved for use in Korea.

[Se-Hoon Oh/ Mayor of Seoul: Self-diagnosis kit is a test tool that allows you to check the test results within 10 to 30 minutes.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany are already actively using it for quarantine.] When

concerns emerged that the Seoul-style distancing is a de facto mitigation of quarantine, a supplementary measure was proposed.

Instead of easing some restrictions on multi-facility business hours, it is a method to allow admission only when a voice is heard from the self-diagnosis test.

To this end, he announced that he would have users perform a self-diagnosis test at some singing practice centers and compare the results with the test results that the medical staff collects samples.

[Se-hun Oh/ Mayor of Seoul: We will change the paradigm to'win-win quarantine' that protects both public welfare and quarantine, rather than a uniform'regulated quarantine' that compels sacrifice.] The

reactions in the medical community are mixed.

The self-diagnosis test has a prudence that the actual patient may be missed due to the low diagnosis accuracy of asymptomatic patients, or that the quarantine can be loosened by trusting only a negative result. The arguments in favor are striking.

Mayor Oh is planning to discuss the timing and method of implementation next week with the government's quarantine authorities by devising specific guidelines for'Seoul-style distance distance' that divides business hours by industry by this week.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok·Hong Jong-soo, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)  

▶ The government also "developed a self-diagnosis kit"…

Accuracy is a problem