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daily wage that paid more than 70 million won in insurance within a month was caught by selecting only vehicles that violated traffic regulations and causing an accident.

He even collected accomplices through social media saying that he paid hundreds of thousands of won for a day, but he also changed drivers to avoid suspicion of insurance companies.

This is KNN reporter Boram Hwang.

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moment a vehicle enters the roundabout, it bumps into a car that was changing lanes in front.

This time on a narrow road, a vehicle crossing the center line bumps into an oncoming vehicle.

Intersection lane changes and vehicles invading the center line are all subject to penalties.

However, these offending vehicles and the vehicles in the accident, all intentionally caused accidents.

A 22-year-old and others made a deliberate accident and paid for insurance.

The amount of money I collected over 12 times during the month of February amounted to 74 million won.

They mainly aimed at vehicles that were forced to cross the center line due to illegally parked and stopped vehicles on such narrow roads.

[Intentional accident victim driver: (due to illegal parking) I always have to cross the center line.

By the way, the vehicle suddenly comes in. Isn't it different from a deliberate accident and an accidental accident?



Mr. A and others have publicly recruited accomplices through SNS, saying that they will be given a daily wage of 300,000~400,000 won.

Mr. A's gang rented a car in the name of an accomplice.

Also, after having an accident in person, he swapped the driver for an accomplice to avoid suspicion of insurance companies.

Their crime was caught by an accomplice who did not receive insurance money to visit the police station.

[Seo In-gu/Gyeongnam Yangsan Police Station Traffic Crime Investigation Team Leader: There were many parts of the vehicle's passengers who did not know the specific name or were not


.] The

police arrested three main offenders, including Mr. A, and arrested 29 accomplices without custody.

(Video coverage: Jung Chang-wook KNN, Video editing: Kang Jin-woo KNN)