Vallecas is one of the best known neighborhoods inside and outside the capital.

The reasons for his fame are many and varied.

The last one, the aperitvo of Bombas, Lagartos y Rohetes de Vallekas, a brand that was born in a stall in the Villa de Vallecas Market and has revolutionized the world of pickles with its risky and exquisite creations.


On weekends this is like a pilgrimage,

" explains Kike Martínez (51), who has worked in this family business since he was 16.

They opened in 1965. "My father was a baker but he was diagnosed with an allergy to flour and had to change jobs."

They emigrated from León to Madrid and started with the position.

"At the beginning it was a traditional pickle business, with cod, legumes, preserves ...".

It was Kike, today at the helm with his wife Beatriz Vinaches (54), who decided to innovate and explore new combinations.

Tummy lizard.

First came the lizards, gherkin stuffed with belly, peppers or anchovies.

The success was resounding.

Then they added the bombs, gordal olives stuffed with cod, sausage or sardine.

"The name was given by a client who told us: 'what you do is the bomb'".

And finally, they added to the letter the rockets, where on a toothpick they create mixtures full of imagination.

The classic anchovies and anchovies gildas also have their space -and their audience-.

Color and flavor that enter through the eyes.

"The anchovies and anchovies are from Santoña, I go to the beginning of the campaign to choose the genre."

"At the beginning, there was one person in the position who made them and two who sold



Soon the team had to be expanded.

"We took more space in the market. Word of mouth helped us a lot," recalls this master banderillero.

In the market they also have a tasting bar and a workshop where they make their creations one by one.

Two years ago, the company "needed a twist" and they dared with the challenge.

"José María Pérez joined as executive chef," who began to develop the premium and gourmet concept that Kike had had in mind for a long time.

Part of the secret is to have reduced the vinegar point of the skewers and added extra virgin olive oil


The packaging is sustainable.

"We prepare 300 kilos of product per day; 10 people already work in the company", which for volume reasons also had to take over a factory in Loeches.

"We do everything in the day, we have no stock, and we work without intermediaries"

, is the basis on which they maintain their quality.

"Whoever buys from us has the guarantee that the product arrives freshly made and also with

super-careful and sustainable packaging


If the order is placed before 11 in the morning, the next day it can be enjoyed at aperitif time.

The hospitality industry has also noticed its good work.

They are suppliers of

the restaurants of Dani García, the Lalala group and the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés

, among others.

The web is your other great showcase


"We are well known and appreciated in the neighborhood, but we want to reach more people," says Kike with pride.

Hence, when it was necessary to choose a name -with the help of Miquel Àngel Vaquer- they gave a rogue touch to their beloved 'Vallekas' "I think no one currently makes a product like ours. Now we want to open a tasting shop. a temple of the aperitif ".

They already have their own vermouth ready -and on sale-, which is always a good start.


: Villa de Vallecas Market (booth 27-28).

Calle Sierra Vieja, 61. Madrid.

Tel. 918 72 98 82.

Classic Gilda of anchovy.

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