Let me start with the news of the fire that occurred a while ago.

In the afternoon of today (10th), a big fire broke out in a residential-commercial building in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.

There are 360 ​​households and a large mart, but dozens of people are known to have drank smoke.

First, reporter Jang Hoon-kyung.


Dark smoke soars into the sky with a terrifying momentum, and red flames soar through the smoke.

Around 4:30 pm today, a big fire broke out in a residential-commercial building in Dasan-dong, Namyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

There is a large mart in the basement and shops are concentrated on the ground.

Up to the 18th floor, more than 360 households have moved in, and hundreds of people have been evacuated.

[Nam Hyun-chan/Witness: People who came out later drink smoke, so they come out with a towel or something to wear. It covered the building like a nuclear bomb exploded, smoke. The window was just broken.] To

date, dozens of unidentified people have been taken to the hospital after drinking smoke.

The fire department issued a second phase of response, mobilizing personnel and equipment from 5 to 6 fire departments in the vicinity within 10 minutes of receiving a report.

80 equipment and 400 people were put in to work on the evolution.

As smoke flows into Donong Station on the Gyeongui Jungang Line next door, KORAIL is evacuating all customers and employees in the station and passing trains without stopping in both directions.

First of all, the fire seems to have started on the first floor, but there were also eyewitness accounts that a loud sound like an explosion sound was heard.

Since the building is so large that there is a possibility that some people could not evacuate, the fire department is carrying out both the rescue and search work along with the firefighting work.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee, video report: viewers)