“Of course we are fooling around (in zero gravity -



You can dance funny in zero gravity ... jokes and some kind of creativity help maintain a positive atmosphere in the crew.

Once I flew around the station in a suit of a big shaggy black monkey.

Don't ask me how I carried the big shaggy black monkey suit into space, but I carried it and was very healthy.

We all changed into costumes, there was a minion, there was Superman, there was Spiderman, ”he said.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield also noted that the ISS loves humor and it helps in outer space.

“We are people, home is far away, we need humor, laughter, music.

We are constantly joking at each other, we say who can fly faster through the entire station, ”he said.

Also Hadfield added that the big joker is the astronaut Roman Romanenko, with whom he flew together.

According to him, Romanenko likes to get in touch with the Earth in some kind of funny costume.

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