The masks are equipped with sensors that monitor physical activity, body temperature and even air quality.

The mask itself looks like a regular mask, but it uses a professional filter, just like in ventilators.

This allows you to provide a significant level of protection against viral, bacterial, fungal agents, pollen, aerosols, dust.

At the same time, the filter practically does not inhibit the air flow.

“It is very easy to breathe in such a mask: you can play sports in it, including running.

In addition, the mask is equipped with six types of sensors: the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen during inhalation / exhalation, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), air quality (TVOC), body temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, ”the NTI said.

It is specified that spot testing of new masks among athletes has already passed successfully.

“The mask itself is made of neoprene with silicone fillings, thanks to which it does not slip on the skin.

This cover is washable and the electrostatic filters need to be changed after use.

The electronics are removed from the mask in the form of a cassette that can be disinfected.

In general, one person can wear a mask without changing the filter for up to 48 hours, ”said Pavel Volkov, head of the ISG Neuro Solutions Development Directorate.

Earlier, Russian scientists created a multifunctional platform for the automated diagnosis of coronavirus infection and tuberculosis.