Casual brand MLB has been caught up in controversy over'sexist advertising'.

MLB posted several photos on its official Instagram earlier this month showing the day of female models wearing their clothing and hats.

However, under the picture of a female model wearing a hat and looking for a laundromat,

'14:00 PM Good afternoon to go to the laundry shop, isn't it a little bit like Saeul?

A hat is deeper, and a day is longer.” In

the photo, posing under the sunlight,

don’t be vigilant that it’s the evening that


down at

20:00 PM!


Hat is deeper, one day longer,

I weighed the phrase.

Then, criticism from netizens continued.

Women raised their voices as "sexist advertising", saying that women should not go out with a'live face' (unmade face) even when doing simple daily activities such as going out near the house.

Netizens who raised the issue poured criticism such as "Where are the people who wear makeup when going to the laundromat", "Now, if you wear an MLB hat, you will be branded as a woman trying to cover up'live'", and "It is an advertisement that cannot keep up with the trend of the times." .

As the controversy grew, MLB deleted the posts and posted an apology.

Through an apology, MLB said, "We sincerely apologize for not carefully examining the areas that can be perceived by gender discrimination. We listened to the valuable opinions pointed out by our customers and stopped posting content that might be uncomfortable."

However, the netizens' opinions over advertising are in the form of even more intense.

Netizens who said that the advertisement was not uncomfortable at all are arguing, "I wear a hat when I'm really bothered with makeup, but the sunlight is covered and it's good", and "I, as a man, wears a hat when I don't care for my hair. What's different about wearing a hat?"

On the other hand, netizens who say that advertisements are inappropriate are "the idea that you have to cover up an undecorated face is weird", "If you are ashamed of a naked face, you should be born with a hat from birth", and "The male model's photo shows'The perfection of a casual fashion is a hat. "The phrase ran" and so on.

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(Photo = MLB Official Instagram)