[SBS Lee Cheol-hee's Political Show] <Public Opinion 123> Seeing the World through Numbers

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■ Progress: Lee Cheol-hee, Director of Knowledge Design Research Institute

■ Broadcast Date: 2021 Friday, April 9,

2014 ■ Cast: Hae-sung Park, CEO of TV Ridge

What kind of research did you do?

It is called'retaliation consumption' that the consumption that was suppressed by Corona 19 is erupted at once, and this is a survey related to the consumption of retaliation.

According to the report'Consumer Experience in Seoul and Retaliation Consumption in the First Quarter of 2021,' published by the Seoul Institute, 24.3% answered "yes" as a result of asking 1,200 citizens of Seoul whether they experienced retaliation consumption.

In other words, it means that 1 in 4 people actually performed retaliatory consumption.The experience of retaliatory consumption was generally evenly distributed regardless of the size of income, and 29% of households with an annual income of 24 million to 36 million won were relatively high. , By age, those in their 30s and under were the highest with 32%.

The first period of retaliation was spent in the fourth quarter of last year (30.2%) and the first quarter of last year (23.4%).

What is the biggest cause of retaliation consumption?

“Reward sentiment for a depressed heart” (36%) was the first, followed by shopping demand (19%), which was delayed due to restraint from going out, and alternative consumption (18%), which consumes expenses such as domestic and international travel.

Food (health food, food and beverage) was the most common at 44%, followed by electronic devices (20.3%) and luxury fashion goods (13.1%).

But the funniest thing is that I was happy when I was spending money, but when I saw the reduced bank account balance, I had no choice but to regret it...

42% of people who have experienced retaliation consumption say their impact on personal well-being is "positive."

However, 51% said the household impact was "negative."

If you see that it is three times higher than the answer of "positive" (17.5%), it was good when you wrote it as a result, but it means that you had a lot of regrets when you saw an empty balance.