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election, the prosecution's investigation, which has been controlling the pace, is expected to accelerate again.

In particular, there are many prospects that the summons of the Blue House Civil Affairs Secretary Lee Gwang-cheol, who is at the peak of the ban on illegal departure by former Vice Minister Kim Hak-e and from the Blue House's planning affairs, is imminent.

Reporter Bae Jun-woo reports.


On March 22, 2019, prosecutor Gyu-won Lee, who urgently banned former Vice Minister of Kim Hak from the country, reportedly told the prosecution that he had been contacted by the Civil Service Secretary Lee Kwang-cheol, who was then senior administrative officer at the Blue House.

The content is also in line with the claim that Cha Gyu-geun, head of the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Justice, said that he received a call from the secretary on the same day that he had recruited a prosecutor.

Both statements are interpreted to the effect that this secretary was involved in the process of banning departure.

However, the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office is conducting an investigation as it insists that this process will not be a problem.

In addition, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, Criminal Division 1, is looking into the suspicion of the so-called'planning situation' that Kim Hak's villa sexual hospitality case was deliberately highlighted in order to prevent the aftermath of the Burning Sun case from affecting the Blue House.

The prosecution is reviewing the summons schedule for this secretary, focusing first on allegations of the planning situation.

However, Attorney General Park Beom-gye is taking a problem with the outflow of such investigations.

In particular, they say that they cannot accept the criticism that the concern about the publicity of the suspected matter is in the midst of South Korea, and that they are watching the prosecution's understanding of the truth.

Under this pressure, Prosecutor General Cho Nam-gwan ordered the case to be dealt with quickly, and taking into account the election results that ended due to the complete defeat of the passport, the prosecution's investigation is expected to speed up.