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government has decided to extend the current stage of distancing and the measures that prevented more than five people from gathering for another three weeks.

In addition, in the metropolitan area and Busan, where the number of confirmed cases is increasing, it has been decided to ban entertainment facilities from next week.

It was also said that if the growth trend did not stop even after doing this, the opening hours of restaurants and cafes could be pushed back to 9 p.m.

What is the reaction of self-employed people, let’s connect our reporter out of Hongdae street in Seoul.

Reporter Park Soo-jin, the day has been released and it’s Friday, so I can see quite a lot of people.


Yes, it is.

The place where I am out is Hongdae Street, where many bars and clubs are gathered.

Today (9th) It's another Friday night, because the weekend is ahead and the weather is good, many visitors are gathering not only outdoors, but also in restaurants, pubs, and clubs.

But starting next Monday, this may look a little different.

The government has decided to keep the current distancing stage for three weeks until the 2nd of next month.

However, as in the metropolitan area and Busan, in areas where the second stage of distance is applied, group bans were imposed on six industries, including entertainment pubs, tanran pubs, and hold'em pubs.

However, if the local government is observing the quarantine rules well, it has been allowed to operate until 10 pm if it is judged in this way.

In addition, in department stores and hypermarkets, tasting, tasting, and the use of samples are prohibited, and rest areas for shoppers are not allowed.


There are some stores that cannot be reopened from next week, but what was the response from the site?


There is considerable backlash from entertainment facility owners who have been unable to reopen after a month or two.

I met a Hold'em pub owner here today, and let's listen to an interview.

[Yoonho Lee/President of Hold'em Pub: I started (business) in August of last year and have been operating normally in less than a few months. Since we are following all the guidelines issued by the government, I hope that we can keep them open.]

Other restaurant and cafe owners are not without worry.

This is because the quarantine authorities said that if the spreading trend does not break, the business hours limit of 10 p.m. can be pulled back to 9 p.m. at any time.

From next week, the government will also strengthen quarantine inspections for karaoke rooms and bathhouses, and conduct a Japanese-based inspection on call centers, distribution centers, and religious facilities.

(Video coverage: Nam Nam Kim, video editing: Ji-in Park, CG: Ho-Seok Son)