'Three bodies were found in Nowon, Seoul.'

  Around 10:50 p.m. on Thursday, March 25th.

Having received brief information from a reporter, the reporter team left behind to grasp the post-war situation and boarded the vehicle and headed straight to Nowon-gu, Seoul.

Immediately, a group chat room was set up and coverage began.

He constantly dialed the phone to see where to go and who was found, and corrected the destination.

'The police arrested a suspect who committed self-harm after the murder of three mothers and daughters in Nowon-gu, Seoul'.

At 11:59 that night, SBS launched the first step of this incident that will be remembered as the'Kim Tae-hyun stalking serial murder case'.

There was a gap of more than 2 hours before the 2nd report was released by other companies.

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▶ Police arrested suspect who committed self-harm after killing three mothers and daughters in Nowon-gu, Seoul

▶ Found dead

by stabbing

three mothers and daughters...

The arrested at the suspect's scene The

reporting team kept the scene where three mothers and daughters were found overnight, and the scene was in full swing.

The reason why the day was bright and SBS was able to properly inform the incident amid the misinformation spilled through resident interviews was because of the troubles of the dawn of the first day.

After Yonhap News posted an article around 7:30 am on the 26th, reporters formed a long picture in front of the apartment.

As the reporters passed by the front door, every neighbor who opened their mouths flocked to the tape recorders.

Unconfirmed information, such as'It must be the crime of the oldest daughter's broken boyfriend' and'I moved in about a year ago', was recklessly written.

If the ex-boyfriend's obsession was correct, the motive for the crime was drawn relatively easily at first glance.

However, the coverage team had no disagreement that the more cautious the incidents could not be explained after the parties were deceased.

A reporter on the scene asked,'How well do residents know about the private life of a daughter in her twenties?'

The report team asked people around who might know the situation, especially the friends of the eldest daughter among the victims.

I thought that if I was a boyfriend, my close acquaintances couldn't know.

"Kim Tae-hyun? That's the first time I heard it."

Over the hard-wired call, the eldest daughter's friends threw question marks in front of the suspect's name.

Friends, who had refused to cover any media coverage, opened their mouths after hesitating persuasion that accurate information was soon linked to the honor of the deceased.

My friend, who knows the circumstances of the relationship, cut it off and said,'It's definitely not.'

Rather, my friends were angry at the article that was spoiled for misinformation.

On the day, SBS reported 8 news [▶Three mothers and daughters murdered...

In "I met in a game and asked for companionship"], I made it clear that this case was a stalking crime based on the fact that my eldest daughter, Kim Mo, recently changed her phone number due to stalking.

Through interviews with several friends, I also corrected that it was not my boyfriend who broke up.

It was in contrast to what other terrestrial news at the same time said, "The suspect is the broken-up boyfriend of his older daughter."

SBS interviewed two people, including the first reporter and a friend who arrived in front of the house on the 25th before the police after receiving the request of the reporter and informed that Taehyun Kim's stalking continued for three months.

The stalking situation revealed by my friends spread in various forms and caused resentment.

On that day, a petition for the Blue House requesting the disclosure of the suspect's personal information began.

The reporting team continued to try to reach out to the families of the three mothers and daughters.

After the autopsy, after an effort to convey the sincerity for the report by visiting the funeral house, which was held shortly for two days, we were able to obtain the consent of the bereaved family's interview, which showed great resistance to the media report.

First, I interviewed two bereaved families of the two daughters' parents and told them the unfortunate circumstances (reported on March 30).

Among the victims, I met my mother's older sister and heard the story of her mother's wife (reported on April 6).

As the bereaved family interview was delivered about the life situation of the family who had been rejoicing, the voices demanding severe punishment from the suspects increased.

Crucially, the reporting team obtained a message from her eldest daughter who was suffering from constant stalking and sent it to her friends (reported on March 31) to inform them of how the stalking was persistent and how the victim was terrified.

Messages such as'black padding coming soon from the first floor of the apartment' and'I turn around every time I go home' contained the victim's damage situation intact.

As a result of this report, other media outlets who hesitated to report the incident narrowed it down to a stalking crime.

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▶ "Stalked for three months"…

Even though the phone number was changed

▶ [Exclusive] Immediately after the'three mothers and daughters murdered' crime, SNS deletion situation caught

▶ [Exclusive] "The man is scared and afraid"…

A message left by the deceased eldest daughter

▶ [Exclusive] "It's scary, the black padding is coming"…

Conversation obtained during the victim's lifetime

▶ First investigation of the suspects of'three mothers and daughters murdered'...

Discussing personal information disclosure next week

▶ [Exclusive] "Choose a holiday crime?"...

'Three mothers and daughters murder' possible crimes

▶ The police,

not only

applying for an arrest warrant for'Nowon-gu's murder of three mothers and daughters',

but also the fact that Kim Tae-hyun aimed only at urgent places before the personal information was revealed. The police investigation was delivered in a row at a level that could not be imprinted.

Kim Tae-hyun's statement in the investigation of the suspects, including the motive of the crime and the assertion that consecutive murders were accidental, was covered and reported.

In addition, it was the first to understand and inform the entire investigation process, such as how Kim Tae-hyun got to know his home address, the circumstances of the destruction of various evidences, the status of planned crimes, and the introduction of a profiler and review of psychopath tests.

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▶ "Fatal injuries to victims"…

Arrested after 10 days of discovery

▶'Three mother and daughter murderer' 24-year-old Kim Tae-hyun...

Psychopath inspection

▶ Search in advance of the crime method…

Find out the address with the courier photo

▶ [Exclusive]'Three mother and daughter murder' Kim Tae-hyun "Continuous murder is accidental"

▶ "Stalking disappears"…

Victim protection'sensibility' even if there is a law

▶ [Exclusive] Veteran profiler of the'Gangnam Station murder · Lee Chun-jae case', Kim Tae-hyun investigating the investigation

to prevent recurrence.

While conveying the wishes of the bereaved family,'I hope that the sacrifice will not be in vain', he pointed out the loopholes of the stalking punishment law, which was set to take effect in September (reported on April 6).

We interviewed a woman who had experienced actual stalking damage to hear about her concerns and concerns, and listened to the opinions of various experts.

And I saw again that there are still big gaps and that there are many tasks that the rest of the people have to solve.

At a press conference to announce the results of the investigation held at the Nowon Police Station in Seoul at 10 am today (9th), an official from the Seoul Police Agency officially declared, "This case is a stalking crime."

The'Kim Tae-hyun stalking serial murder case' defines the nature of the incident that will be talked about in 10 and 20 years.

An hour earlier than this, as he left the detention center at the Dobong Police Station in Seoul and was detained by the Seoul Northern District Prosecutor's Office, the suspect Kim Tae-hyun answered "I'm sorry" to the question,'Do you admit the stalking charges?'

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Three innocent mothers and daughters, the criminal who cruelly destroyed a family that was said to be exceptionally harmonious, bowed down in front of the camera and bowed.

You will be punished sweetly in the trial that will begin after the prosecution's investigation.

But it is empty.

The phrase "I'm sorry" that you bring up with every question sounds light and empty.

Because there is no way to revive the three lives that had been cooled by a cold corpse.

My mother, who was deceased by acquaintances around her, said that her two daughters sang because of hope.

Even now, my mother's KakaoTalk profile picture is full of pictures of her 25- and 23-year-old daughters.

It is said that mothers lived hard for their daughters and daughters for their mothers, filling up the empty seats of their bereaved fathers.

On the day of the crime, my mother worked until late at night and returned home.

My eldest daughter also paid overtime and went home after 10:30 pm.

It's a tiring night, but I can rest when I go home, so it would have been a light step to go to a narrow house because of each other.

Taehyun Kim killed such people.

It's an old apartment with poor soundproofing. While three lives were stabbed by a weapon, there wasn't a single report from neighbors.

In the course of the police investigation, a resident only said, "I heard a scream, but I thought it was unusual," but the scene for three days after the crime was hidden in a veil.

If the eldest daughter's friends, who were suspicious of the loss of contact, reported on the 25th of last month and the scene had not been discovered, maybe we would not have known the name Kim Tae-hyun.

The fact that there was no single report filed with the investigative agency was the same in the stalking process that lasted for three months from January this year.

The eldest daughter A, who has a bright personality and reluctant to worry around her, told her friends about stalking, but did not ask for help.

Of course, I didn't seek help by looking for a police station or reporting 112 to say "I'm being stalked".

One friend said, "I regret it the most now that A just laughed and passed it over because he talked insignificantly."

Perhaps my friends can't get rid of the thought of'if I knew' for a very long time.

Investigation agencies in Korea, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, and other related administrative ministries, as well as the decision makers in charge of legislation, deserve to share the sufferings of these friends.

The fact that Mr. A, the eldest daughter, who had to go around the street every time he returned home, did not have a history of reporting, should be accepted as'cannot report' rather than'not reported'.

Unfortunately, on the 24th of last month, the day after the three mothers and daughters were murdered, the'Act on the Punishment of Stalking Crimes (Stalking Penalty Act)' crossed the threshold of the National Assembly.

In 22 years, it is finally possible to punish the stalking crime.

Since stalking has not been punishable until now, under the Minor Crime Penalty Act, only continuous harassment charges were applied, and even if violated, the only thing to do was to pay a'fine of less than 100,000 won, or fines or fines'.

The lives and safety of countless victims were trampled by stalking, but if it became an issue for a while only when an incident that could be struck by everyone, the time of 22 years has passed as legislative debates subsided.

A woman who experienced stalking, interviewed by the report team, burst into anger, saying, "I went to the police station and said,'You know I can't be punished' because I told you that I came because of stalking."

In this atmosphere, it seems that it has become an act that cannot be stalked while reporting.

Now, you may be wondering what's the point, but if our society had taken stalking seriously, it remains regretful that this incident would have happened.

The report team feels so painfully as each citizen before being a reporter that three innocent lives have been sent so painfully.

If there are no'second three mothers and daughters', the remaining people have a lot of work to do.

We need to fill in the gaps in the stalking punishment law, which is set to take effect in September this year.

▽ An ambiguous definition that is recognized as stalking only if a'continuous or repetitive' act ▽An objectionable punishment condition in which the victim does not want to be punished ▽A penalty clause in which criminal penalties only for violating access prohibition measures ▽Omitted victim There is a need for improvement in protection measures, etc.

On April 9, 2021, Kim Tae-hyun took off his mask in front of the camera, exposed his face and lowered his head.

It's not just the face that we will remember.

I hope you don't forget the face of your eldest daughter A, who must have endured stalking for three months and fell in fear, and the face of the victim that society has not yet seen.