The current face of Kim Tae-hyun, who murdered a woman, her younger brother, and her mother while stalking a woman she met in an online game for rejecting her, has been revealed.

Kim Tae-hyun left the detention center of the Dobong Police Station in Seoul, where he was in prison at about 9 am today (9th), took off his mask at the photo line and stood in front of the reporters before being arrested and sent to the prosecution.

Kim Tae-hyun, who said, “I'm sorry that I couldn't answer each of the reporters' questions,” soon knelt down and apologized to the bereaved family.

"It hovering so shamelessly eyes, I'd like to say the apology to everyone who also ... with me because of the victim that is also in breathing really reduces a lot of guilt. Lives"

reporters followed 'Why killed,' 'admitted stalking charges one ','When exactly did you plan the crime?','What did you do after the crime', etc., but Taehyun Kim repeated "I'm sorry."

Kim Tae-hyun, who had been harassing her eldest daughter who met online for several months, broke into the apartment in Nowon-gu, where her eldest daughter lived, disguised as a quick delivery driver on the 23rd of last month.

Here, Kim Tae-hyun was found on the 25th, murdering three mothers and daughters, injuring himself, seriously injured, and collapsed. The police applied five charges, including murder, to Kim Tae-hyun and sent it to the prosecution.

(Composition: Kim Hwi-ran, video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, editor: Cha Hee-ju)