Oh Se-hoon, the new mayor of Seoul, made his first trip to the main building of Seoul City Hall on the morning of the 8th, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu.

Mayor Oh will be impressed with the fact that he will be starting his office for the first time in a new government building that began construction during his tenure as mayor.

In fact, this is the first time Mayor Oh has entered the new Seoul City Hall (the main building).

He met with reporters after taking his first steps inside the new government building today and said, “This is my first time (to the new government building).” "I said.

Construction of the current city hall was started in 2008, when Mayor Oh's first tenure, but it was completed at the time of former Mayor Park Won-soon, so Mayor Oh did not see completion.

In February 2005, during the time of Mayor Lee Myung-bak, a construction proposal was issued, and after approval and redesign of the relevant authorities, the design was confirmed in February 2008, the first term of mayor Oh, and construction began in May of the same year.

Mayor Oh suffered twists and turns in the process of building the current government building.

The Cultural Heritage Administration insisted on the preservation of the old main building (currently the Seoul Library) and put a brake on the construction of the new building, causing a conflict with the city of Seoul.

He also met with the head of the Cultural Heritage Administration at the time to discuss solutions.

Later, as Mayor Oh promoted a plan to change the main building to a'Citizen's Library', the building was transformed into a library and opened in October 2012, and construction of a new government building could begin.

Mayor Oh moved to Seosomun Annex in the middle of his first term of office in June 2008 following the construction of the new building.

Since he was re-elected in 2010, he would have watched the completion of the new office building in August 2012 if he had fulfilled his term of office.

In September 2012, Mayor Park Won-soon went to work for the first time as an applicant and held an opening ceremony the following month.

He returned to the mayor of Seoul after 10 years, and when asked how he felt about seeing the new government building for the first time, he replied, "Well, not yet..." and smiled wide.

(Photo = Yonhap News)