Facebook is testing its first competitor for the popular Clubhouse iPhone app.

The service is called Hotline and can be used by people to talk to each other, while 'the public' listens and can ask questions.

Hotline works just like Clubhouse with audio calls, but it is also possible to stream with video.

The service was created by a team within Facebook that builds experimental products.

The website is now online and (American) users can be placed on a waiting list.

The service is not yet operational in the Netherlands.

According to


, Facebook has designed a mobile version of the app, but it is not yet in use.

Just like in Clubhouse, speakers in Hotline are featured and profile photos show who is listening.

Unlike at Clubhouse, people can ask a question to the speakers via a text message.

Speakers can also turn on their camera so that they can be seen by the audience and sessions can be recorded.

A spokesperson for Facebook tells


that Hotline is mainly focused on Q & As with experts in various fields.

They can teach people in the same or a different field through the service.

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