6 Tips for Buying a Used Car at a "Bargain"

There are six important tips that auto experts give to those looking for a "win-win deal" when buying a used car safely, starting with the technical condition of the car, then the availability of spare parts for it in the local market.

The Lebanese Fadi Taqi al-Din, a specialist in the automotive world, confirmed in his speech to "Emirates Today" that «buying a used car can represent a profitable deal, in the event that it is noticed to follow procedures before completing the purchase, the most prominent of which is examining the car and ensuring its technical condition, The car’s body does not hide technical flaws, even if it appears clean and shiny, in addition to being one of the models for which spare parts are available in the local market.

He added that «determining the appropriate budget in advance will facilitate the selection process, in light of the large quantity in the used car market, taking into account moving away as much as possible from buying a car classified in the category (imported) from foreign markets, unless it is confirmed that the chosen model is widespread. In the state market, it is easy to repair and provide suitable spare parts for it when necessary.

Here are the top six tips for buying a used car:

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