Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who returned to the post of Mayor of Seoul after 10 years in the April 7 by-election, began his third term of office today (8th) with a visit to the Seoul National Cemetery.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Mayor Oh visited the memorial tower after checking the handwritten list at 8:00 am today as the first official schedule and entering the memorial hall.

After the visit, he left a phrase in the guestbook, saying,'Seoul is running again, Korea is standing right.'

Mayor Oh said, “I will become the mayor of Seoul who is well caring for and taking care of the people of Seoul who are suffering from the new coronavirus infection,” said Mayor Oh.

Regarding the matter to be settled for the first time, he said, "I will go into (to the city hall) and receive a report once and understand the status of it."

He then went to the Seoul City Hall for the first time and attended a welcome event in the lobby on the 1st floor, receiving bouquets from staff, and expressing his inauguration.

Construction of the current Seoul main building was started in 2008, during the first tenure of Mayor Oh, but it was completed at the time of former Mayor Park Won-soon, so Mayor Oh did not see completion.

It is known that he has not visited in the meantime.

Mayor Oh receives and signs an office transfer/acceptance letter from Seo Jeong-hyeop, Vice Mayor Seo Jeong-hyeop, who served as the mayor's authority for nine months at the mayor's office on the 6th floor at around 9:10 am today.

He then prevented Seoul Metropolitan Council Chairman Kim In-ho at 10:40 am, expressing his will to cooperate more closely and strongly to overcome the economic and social crisis triggered by Corona 19 early and to save the lives of the people.

Seo Nowon, Secretary General of the City Council, Chairman Kim Cheong-sik, Secretary General, and Jo In-dong, Head of the Seoul Planning and Coordination Office are present

Mayor Oh visits the press room on the 2nd floor of the main building of the city hall around 11:20 am and greets reporters.

He also encourages hard work and talks about the situation with the staff who are in charge of the Corona 19 response.

Around 1:30 pm, the first on-site schedule is to visit the Seoul City 1st Vaccination Center in the main auditorium of Seongdong-gu Office.

We plan to encourage on-site medical and administrative personnel and check the operation status of the center.

Mayor Oh will return to the city hall in the afternoon to greet the executives, encourage the hard work, and start working in earnest while receiving reports on major issues in the municipal administration.

(Photo = Reporters of national companies)