<Anchor> In

broad daylight, a man ran away from an unknown woman at a cafe.

Even though the woman passed out, the assault did not stop, and the woman was injured so much that her cheekbones were fractured.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Nam Hyo-joo of TJB.

<Reporter> This

is a cafe in downtown Daegu on the 5th.

A man who opens the door of the cafe suddenly comes to a seat where women are sitting, removes his bag and sits down.

When the surprised woman protested, the man started shouting and swearing.

[A victim woman: I said,'If you ask me to remove my luggage, I will do it.'

Then I started getting angry, swearing and screaming...

.] The

man who gets up from his seat kicks the chair and threatens, and suddenly strikes the woman with his fist.

The woman fell and passed out, but hit her face twice more.

[A victim woman: I only have the memory of being hit by one.

I must have been stunned for a few seconds.

I checked the video later, and when I asked for the second and third price, I

passed out and could

n't get a pulse, so I grabbed my shoulder and priced it like that.]

After assaulting the woman several times, the man immediately exited the coffee shop and went outside. I got on my bike and ran away.

An indiscriminate assault incident that took place in less than two minutes at a cafe in the middle of the day.

The victim, who has even fractured her cheekbones, complains that she is scared to even go out because she thinks she can suffer this at any time in her normal daily life.

[Accident woman: A little...

I'm scared to go out.

I don't think it's safe because it's crowded...

.] The

police are looking for a man who has been assaulted based on the secured CCTV footage.