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evening of yesterday (6th), a truck running downhill in Jeju collided with two buses and a truck, killing 3 people and injuring 60 others.

The accident caused the bus to overturn, causing more damage.

This is JIBS reporter Kim Yeon-seon.


A city bus that has been overturned is in a ditch, and a 4.5 ton freight vehicle is placed on the sidewalk next to it.

On the left front wheel of the lorry, there is a one-ton truck half-turned over.

About 6 o'clock yesterday evening, an accident occurred in which 4 vehicles including 2 city buses collided on the road near the entrance of Jeju National University.

In the accident, three people, including a man in his twenties, were killed and more than 60 people were injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

There is a bus stop at the accident site, and it is believed that many people waiting for the bus were injured.

[Ik-cheol Kang/Director of Field Response Section at My Address: This place is part of the bus stop, but there was a guardrail. A lot of injuries occurred when they hit the guard rail.]

Passengers inside the bus reported the situation at the time that the bus was overturned after a thumping sound.

[Family of accident bus passengers: Since this car was driven from the back, it wouldn't have been pushed all the way to the front. It is said that the whole body is in pain right now... .]

Firefighters and police checked for additional casualties around the overturned bus area until late.

Firefighters and police have been working on the accident scene for hours.

The aftermath of a major accident still remains throughout the site.

As vehicle operations around the accident site were controlled, road congestion continued for a long time.

The police said that the 4.5-ton cargo truck was in an accident due to overheating of the brakes while running downhill, and said that it was not drinking at the time and was investigating the exact cause of the accident.