The Perseverance rover continues to chart its course.

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NASA JPL-Caltech

NASA published this Monday the first "selfie" of Perseverance, taken by the rover itself on Mars.

In this image, we can observe several of the tools positioned on the mast of the spacecraft, such as the SuperCam or the MastCam-Z, reports



This shot was taken using the rover's Watson camera, capable of taking color photos from a short distance.

This objective is positioned on Sherloc, a spectrometer installed at the end of Perseverance.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bot

WATSON digital image

Jezero Crater, Mars, 2021

- NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere) April 6, 2021

The rover's tools put forward

The SuperCam appears distinctly in this selfie.

It is the “eye” of the Perseverance rover, developed with the collaboration of French researchers from CNES.

This 10 kg tool makes it possible to analyze rocks, soil and the Martian atmosphere up to 7 m away, including in areas where the robot cannot access using its arm.

In this photo, we can also see the MastCam-Z.

This camera is used to make panoramas of the surface of Mars and can also zoom in on certain targets in order to draw color images.

This instrument allows scientists to decide where to consider samples.


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