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new patients with Corona 19 rose to 600 again a day.

It is the first time since January 10 that there have been 600 confirmed cases in Korea.

The quarantine authorities decided to provide free diagnostic tests to all citizens, saying that they were at the crossroads of the 4th pandemic.

Reporter Park Soo-jin delivers.


Yesterday (6th), the number of new corona19 confirmed 668 people rose to 600 again in 48 days after February 18, just after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Among the new confirmed cases, 653 are domestic outbreaks, excluding 15 foreign inflows, and the number of domestic outbreaks exceeding 600 is the first in 87 days since the third epidemic was in progress.

There were 413 confirmed cases in the metropolitan area, including 196 in Seoul and 173 in Gyeonggi, and 240 more, including 38 in Busan, were infected in the non-metropolitan area.

Group infection continues, centering on everyday spaces such as workplaces, churches, and entertainment facilities.

In the spring, the amount of movement has increased, so there is a lot of contact between individuals, such as small lumps, and infections occur simultaneously, and there is seldom a diagnosis.

The government diagnosed it as a crossroads of the 4th pandemic.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Jung Soo-bon, quarantine general manager: We need to watch the situation more, but the possibility of the 4th outbreak in earnest is growing.

It is time to raise the tension of quarantine again.]

The government has announced that it will allow anyone to receive free diagnostic tests at any public health center across the country, regardless of the stage of distancing or symptoms in order to find hidden sources of infection.

As the 4th outbreak becomes visible, the possibility of an upgrade of the distancing stage, which will be applied from next week, cannot be ruled out.

On the other hand, yesterday, 37,000 people a day received the first dose of the Corona 19 vaccine, and the cumulative number of inoculations reached 10,399,66.

The number of reports of adverse reactions after vaccination increased to 11,215 cases, adding 74 yesterday.