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- "Take off that mask"

- "Take it off?"

- "But now!"


- "I don't talk to people with a mask"

These are the words of Miguel Bosé when he met the journalist Jordi Évole, whose program he attended days ago as a guest.

According to the video broadcast by 'La Sexta', the singer addresses his host in those terms.

The images of the next installment of 'Lo de Évole' -which will be broadcast next Sunday-

show both without a mask during their conversation


In the interview - always according to the excerpts provided by La Sexta - Miguel Bosé acknowledges that "no" hydroalcoholic gel is used once a day and that "no" PCR has been done this year.

In this way, it is ratified in a skepticism that, against scientific evidence, generated a great controversy last June, when it affirmed that the coronavirus "was the great lie of the governments."

Shortly after,

in August, Bosé encouraged his followers on social networks to attend a denialist demonstration

in Madrid's Plaza de Colón, which he, however, did not attend.

A request that contrasted with a recording of the same dates in which he did appear with the mask.

With a voice "that comes and goes", in his own words, Bosé answers the journalist's questions, stressing that

"the truth is not known or does not want to know



International conspiracy?

"There is a plan devised so that it is not known", assures the singer.

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