Furniture giant IKEA and the American company Sonos are working together on new products.

Among other things, a painting with built-in speakers would come on the market,

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IKEA currently sells a bookshelf with built-in speakers from Sonos.

It seems that the companies are not developing a new version of it, but rather market a completely new product.

In this case, it is a painting with built-in speakers that you can hang on the wall.

Further details are still missing.

For example, it is unclear what the artwork will look like or whether the speakers will only be processed in a frame.

In addition to the artwork, the two companies also seem to be working on a new version of the current Symfonisk speaker lamp.

The new variant should go over the counter for about the same price as the current one (179 euros).

The products have

now been registered with the American approval authority FCC

, according to

The Verge


It is still unclear when they will be for sale.

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