The well-known privacy activist Max Schrems has filed a complaint in France with his lobby group NOYB against Google, for violating European privacy rules in advertising.

According to Schrems, Google does not ask for permission to track users for the provision of personalized ads (PDF).

The advertising tool that Google uses on Android phones is described by NOYB as a digital license plate.

"Any action that a user performs can be associated with this license plate and used to create a user profile," writes the group.

"This can then be used to serve up personalized ads."

According to NOYB, this requires the explicit consent of the user.

The foundation says that the program is not only installed without permission, but that it is also not possible for users to completely erase the tool and the digital license plate.

By filing a complaint with the French regulator CNIL, NOYB hopes that action will be taken against Google, for example in the form of fines.

Schrems previously targeted Apple for a similar case, in which Apple would follow iPhone users without permission.

He lodged complaints about this with Austrian and Spanish regulators.

In 2020, the privacy activist managed to have a privacy treaty between the United States and the European Union declared invalid by the European Court.

That treaty did not comply with European law.

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