The Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has blocked a commercial forwarding service, whereby callers were referred to the GGD against payment to make a corona test appointment.

It led to high telephone bills of people, while the GGD has a toll-free number for making test appointments.

It concerns a 0906 number that could be found, for example, via Google search results.

ACM says it started an investigation on Tuesday and immediately blocked the number.

Payments to the number have also been suspended.

People paid 90 cents per minute, even after they were put through to the free number of the GGD.

You can make a test appointment via the free telephone number 0800 1202.

ACM was informed by the GGD by letter on 2 April about the commercial forwarding service.

The GGD increasingly received complaints from people who received a high telephone bill after calling for a test appointment.

According to the GGD, the forwarding service harms the interests of the GGD and people who want to reach the GGD.

According to the GGD, the behavior of the service can also have a negative effect on public health.

An initial assessment by ACM shows that the service does not comply with legislation and regulations.

The number will be suspended for a maximum of eight weeks.

Until then, the number cannot be called and the party behind the number will not receive any income.

In the meantime, ACM is conducting further investigation.