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  • The 26-year-old Niçois had the idea last summer to create this application after his own experience of parking in the city.

  • Motorists can signal that they are leaving their place so that searching users can park more quickly.

  • The application was developed in Nice but is available everywhere thanks to geolocation and the collaborative concept.

“Looking for more than 30 minutes for a place to park is absolutely not what you want after a day's work,” says Mehdi, creator of UPark.

I wasted way too much time and gasoline because of this.


It is from this observation that the Niçois had the idea to launch this application.

Thanks to a collaborative concept, it helps motorists find parking spaces more quickly.

“There are only two options when you download UPark for free,” continues the trained computer scientist.

Either we click on "I give up my place" to indicate to the community that a place is free, or we press on "I am looking for a place" and be brought thanks to an itinerary to the available place.

You can refine the search by entering the maximum number of kilometers to find the parking lot and whether you want it to be paid or free.


Make life easier

Mehdi developed his concept after the summer.

"It was already difficult to park in Nice but I had the impression that there were more and more cars, so more and more difficulties to find a parking space", he recalls. .

UPark application interface - UPark

He adds: “Basically, this application was mainly to help myself.

In three months, we are already 500 users, especially in the region.

But it is a system available everywhere thanks to geolocation.

I was surprised to see that a small network in Switzerland was being created.

Nearly 200 of them use UPark.


For the 26-year-old computer scientist, the idea is simple: “I just want to make people's lives easier.

The more people who join the application, the more places will be available, but above all, the less waiting, stress and fatigue there will be to drop off your car and enjoy the rest of the day.


Next step for the Niçois?

“UPark will remain a concept to be of service.

I'm possibly thinking about doing a collaboration with Waze to create an app extension with mine.

This would allow the motorist to have all the keys in hand for his trip by car.



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