This new version is available to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service.



A new

Pac-Man game

is available this Thursday for download for Nintendo Switch.

This is 

Pac-Man 99

, a battle royale version of the famous 1980s game and produced by the Bandai Namco studio,




To get it, you must be subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Just like

Tetris 99

 released on the same switch in 2019,

Pac-Man 99

 will allow each participant to fight to be the last Pac-Man and win the game.

A video published by Nintendo France on YouTube allows us to see more clearly.

Fight against other players

Pac-Man is still struggling with ghosts that he must escape and that he can swallow after collecting pac-gums.

But, we must also take into account the other 98 players.

They can thus send disruptive Pac-Man.

The player who touches too much loses.

It is also possible for him to send these disruptors to a competitor of your choice.

"Create a ghost train"

Nintendo gives the key to victory.

To have a chance to be the last, you have to eat the sleeping ghosts to create a train of ghosts, "then eat a pac-gum to overwhelm your opponents".

This action has a devastating effect on the other participants.

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription to download this game costs 3.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year.



is then free-to-play, players wishing to obtain additional modes, including offline play, or additional themes, can purchase a Deluxe Pack version at 29.99 euros.


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