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A cartridge of the video game "Super Mario Bros.

»On NES was sold this Friday at auction in Dallas (United States) for the sum of 660,000 dollars (a little over 560,000 euros).

This record makes it the most expensive video game in the world, reports



“As soon as this cartridge reached us, we knew the market would find it as incredible as we do,” explained Valarie McLeckie, in charge of sales.

The previous record was held by a cartridge of "Super Mario Bros 3", sold last November for 156,000 dollars.

A Super Mario Bros cartridge sold for $ 660,000, a record ➡️

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An exceptional conservation note

The cartridge dating from 1986 was still in plastic, almost intact.

Forgotten, it sat for thirty-five years in a drawer before its owner found it in 2020. After expertise, the auction house Heritage Auctions, which took care of the sale, granted the object the exceptional conservation score of 9.6 / 10.

In addition, this edition of the game, presented in shrink wrap, was only sold for a short time at the end of 1986, says

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Nintendo games are in high demand at auctions.

Appeared in the early 1980s, the game “Super Mario Bros.

Has sold millions of copies and is currently trading for several hundred thousand euros minimum.


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