A Pocheon city official who was arrested for buying land and buildings around the planned historic site was sent to the prosecution. Most of the land bought for 4 billion won by receiving loans is now estimated to have risen to 10 billion won.

Reporter Han Sung-hee delivers.


Purchasing land near the planned metropolitan railway station using information obtained during work. Pocheon city official, who became the first case arrested by the government joint special investigation headquarters, was sent to the prosecution today (7th).

Park purchased land and buildings under the name of his wife, a public official in Pocheon City, and his wife A was handed over to the prosecution in a state of disability.

The police concluded that Park bought the land and buildings using the information on the planned historic sites while working as the executive director of the metropolitan railway connection project.

The land purchased by Mr. Park with a loan of about 4 billion won is known to be worth 10 billion won at the current market price.

Two public officials from the Pocheon City Audit Department, who audited Mr. Park, were also sent.

They are accused of falsely writing the audit questionnaire.

When the suspicion of Park's speculation arose, he was faked as if he had conducted a face-to-face investigation that was not actually conducted, and was caught in a police investigation.

The police are also investigating further allegations of speculation in Park's three other real estate transactions and tax evasion in the process of land transactions.