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A woman who approached a divorced man as bait for marriage and intercepted a large sum was sentenced to imprisonment.

The 11th Criminal Division of the Gwangju District Court (Judge Ji-seon Jung) announced today (7th) that he sentenced Mr. A in his 50s to three years in prison for violating the Act on aggravated punishment for certain economic crimes (fraud).

Mr. A, who runs a cafe in Jeju Island, got into a relationship with Mr. B in early February 2017.

Mr. A introduced himself as a representative of a famous coffee bean distributor and his father as a leading politician and wealthy man.

However, Mr. A, who even promised to marry Mr. B, began to demand money from Mr. B, saying that he suffered from leukemia and made it difficult to operate the coffee business due to the burden of treatment expenses.

When he said, "My father is against marriage to you, a divorced man with a child, he is refusing financial assistance," Mr. B remitted money as requested by Mr. A.

Afterwards, Mr. A enticed Mr. B, saying, "If you first lend money, I will tell my father to pay it back in a lump sum." Until then, a total of 549 million won was remitted in the name of leukemia treatment expenses and business funds.

However, after receiving the money, Mr. A unilaterally cut off contact and went to sleep.

According to the police investigation, Mr. A was not treated for leukemia and was not a representative of a coffee bean distributor.

Mr. A's father, who was a wealthy man, had also died in 2010.

Immediately after entering into a common-law relationship with Mr. B, he had been fraudulent for the purpose of money.

In addition, Mr. A had a history of being sentenced to two years in prison for fraud in January 2013, and at the time of his relationship with Mr. B, he was being tried for other fraudulent crimes.

It is known that Mr. A even lied to Mr. B, saying, "I am going to America to treat my father," in preparation for his arrest.

The judge pointed out that "Mr. A has tricked a common-law spouse who has a relationship of personal trust," and said, "The criminal technique is very bad and the amount of damage is large, and the guilt is heavy."

He explained, "The sentence was decided in consideration of the fact that the crime was committed during the fraudulent period and the victim's desire to be punished."

The court ordered Mr. A to compensate him for the damages amounting to 548.69 million won in addition to his imprisonment.

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