SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket liftoff in Florida on November 15, 2020. -


A farmer in Grant County, near Washington (United States) recently found space rocket debris on his farm.

In particular, he discovered a pressure vessel covered with composite belonging to SpaceX.

The debris belonged to Elon Musk's company Falcon 9 rocket, launched in late March.

SpaceX predicted that its machine would completely disintegrate in the Earth's atmosphere before landing near the Australian coast, reports

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The flaming SpaceX debris that hurtled over the Pacific Northwest last week appears to have included a 5-foot-long component that reached Earth, landing at a farm in Washington state.https: // I97dqCNM2F

- Mike Baker (@ByMikeBaker) April 3, 2021

Bad publicity for SpaceX

But this plan did not work, and the rocket landed earlier than expected while it was over Oregon (United States).

So all the debris did not disintegrate as expected and some fell on the American's property.

SpaceX employees were immediately dispatched to collect the space waste.

A spectacular display of lights that streamed across the night sky over the US Pacific Northwest was debris from a #SpaceX mission re-entering the atmosphere, the US National Weather Service said.

- New TR News Agency (@NewTRNewsAgency) March 29, 2021

The fall of the Falcon 9 rocket caused strange lights in the sky, which had been widely relayed on social networks.

Little publicity for SpaceX, which has a series of disappointments.

A few weeks ago, a Starship prototype sent into space exploded upon touching Earth's soil when it landed.


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