Kim Tae-hyun, a 24-year-old male born in 1996, who murdered three mothers and daughters in an apartment in Seoul, claimed that it was accidental in the police investigation.

Kim Tae-hyun, who was arrested for murder as a result of an SBS report, denied the intentionality of serial murder, saying, "I decided to kill my eldest daughter and went home" in a recent investigation conducted at the Nowon Police Station in Seoul. It was identified as one.

The police are putting weight on the planned crimes that Kim Tae-hyun has carefully prepared in advance by grasping the circumstances in which Kim Tae-hyun has searched for killing methods before the crime.

The police, who have been investigating by paying attention to the fact that all three mothers and daughters suffered fatal injuries, also identified the circumstances in which Tae-Hyun Kim used a mobile phone to find a'how to kill people quickly'.

After the crime, a search for'Mapo Bridge' was also revealed as a result of a police investigation.

In response, it was reported that Kim Tae-hyun stated that he looked for himself to end his life.

About the motive of the crime, Tae-Hyun Kim and his eldest daughter, Kim Mo, teamed up to play online games and communicated personally.

Kim Tae-hyun said, “I wanted to ask about the reason for neglecting me,” and said, “I was angry when I changed my phone number and avoided contacting me, and I stole a weapon from the supermarket on the day of the crime with the intention of killing me.”

In addition, he explained the motive of the serial killing with the intention of "but he committed the crime with the thought that'it was already so big that I couldn't help it'," he said, "while my younger brother opened the door and went into the house for about 30 minutes. It was known as that.

Regarding the injuries to himself, he stated to the effect that "I tried to kill myself after waking up and repeating, but I failed".

As for the process of identifying the victims' home addresses, it was reported that the number of apartment buildings was confirmed by looking at the address written on the delivery box in the photo sent by the eldest daughter.

The police are considering a face-to-face investigation tomorrow with the profiler and Mr. Kim.

We are also looking into whether we will conduct a psychopath test afterwards.

(Photo = Courtesy of Seoul Police Agency, Yonhap News)