Nissan from Arabian Automobiles launches Ramadan offers early

Arabian Automobiles, the main car company in the Abdul Wahed Al Rostamani Group, and the exclusive agent for Nissan cars in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, announced the Nissan Ramadan campaigns on selected models.

The company said in a statement that until the end of Ramadan, customers can take advantage of the five-year warranty, five-year free service, two-year free insurance, and one-year free registration.

She indicated that the purchase in the current period before the month of Ramadan gives customers free fuel vouchers for a whole year.

“Arabian Automobiles confirms its goal to provide peace of mind to our customers constantly during the holy month. And every Ramadan, we strive to provide an ideal combination between saving money and ensuring value in its offerings. The year also, especially providing incentives for customers who decide to buy early in early April. On behalf of the Arabian Automobiles Company, we wish a blessed month for all.