The internet in Myanmar is being further restricted.

The military in the country is forcing telecom companies to stop offering wireless internet connections,


news agency



Mobile internet had already been shut down earlier.

Why all other wireless internet connections are now also banned, the military government has not explained.

It is probably because images of protests are still shared on social media.

Protests have been held daily in the country since the coup.

Inhabitants of the country are demanding the return of democracy, but their demonstrations are being suppressed with great violence.

At least 530 people have been killed in protests, according to a Myanmar human rights organization monitoring the protests.

The military's violent crackdown has sparked international criticism and sanctions.

For example, the United States announced on Wednesday that non-essential diplomatic personnel will be recalled from the Asian country.

Facebook previously banned the Myanmar military from using its social media Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, pages from the Myanmar state broadcaster

MRTV were


YouTube also took five video channels offline that were operated by soldiers of the Myanmar army.