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There were shocking reports that comedian Park Soo-hong has embezzled all the money he has earned from broadcasting activities over the past 30 years. While Park Soo-hong's brother, who was acting as a manager, revealed that Park Soo-hong's appearance fees were taken away, the comment section on the YouTube channel run by Park Soo-hong is drawing attention. Mr. Park Soo-hong has served as an ambassador for various donation organizations such as the Fruit of Love and International Relief and Development NGOs, as well as personally making donations for a long time. The authentication of people saying that they did it is leading to comments. Park Soo-hong started filming a program in a nursery school in 2001, and the fact that he has been doing good for a long time is being rediscovered, such as supporting the nursery school for 20 years. Park Soo-Hong’s comment relay site on the unknown good works, social media video mugs will deliver. 

(Text and composition: Seungho Hwang / Edited by Yonghee Jung)