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For the first time in Jeju, the vehicle of a habitual drunk driver was confiscated.

The Seogwipo Police Department announced on the 29th that the vehicle was confiscated after arresting A in his 60s on charges of habitual unlicensed drunk driving (violation of the Road Traffic Act, etc.)

A has been punished for drunk driving twice in the last three years. At that time, it was known that the blood alcohol concentration of Mr. A exceeded the level of license cancellation of 0.08%.

During a police investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A had never obtained a driver's license in his life.

Mr. A, who was caught by the police six times for unlicensed driving since the early 1990s, took the steering wheel again while drinking alcohol.

Tae-hoon Kim, head of the traffic investigation team at Seogwipo Police Station, said, "It is the first case in Jeju that a drunk driver's car was confiscated." We will confiscate the vehicle as well and establish strict legal order.”

The Seogwipo Police Department detained three habitual drunk drivers during 2020, and this year also detained one driver who died from habitual drunk driving.

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