Amid the ongoing'third pandemic' of Corona 19 in Korea, the number of new confirmed patients today (30th) recorded mid-400.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 0 o'clock today, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 447, accumulating 102,582 people.

The number increased by 63 from yesterday (384) and rose to 400 again in one day.

When looking at the path of infection of new confirmed cases, local outbreaks were 429 and overseas inflows were 18.

The third pandemic, which began in earnest since mid-November last year, has continued for five months beyond the year.

Up to now, the number of new confirmed cases has been stagnant, repeating fluctuations in 300 to 400 units, but recently, group infections have continued in workplaces and multi-use facilities, showing signs of spreading, recording 500 cases once.

From the 24th of this month to today, the number of new confirmed cases for the past week was 428 → 430 → 494 → 505 → 482 → 384 → 447 daily.

During this period, 300 people are number one, 400 people are number 5, and 500 people are number one.