Police investigating allegations of real estate speculation that started in LH today (26th) launched a forced investigation in Sejong City.

This is to examine the allegations of speculation by a vice-minister-level figure, but the investigation into the lawmakers is also speeding up little by little.

Reporter Jeon Byung-nam covered the police investigation.


Police officials with forensic equipment enter the office for seizure and search.

[Are you done with the investigation now?] The

police seized and searched the Sejong City Administrative Complex City Construction Office, LH Sejong Special Headquarters, and Sejong City Hall.

This is to confirm the allegations of speculation by former Vice Minister-level Director of the Construction Administration of the Multifunctional Administrative City.

This is the first compulsory investigation by the government joint special investigative headquarters targeting high-ranking personnel.

In April 2017, when he was in office, former Commissioner Lee bought 2 lots of land in Yeongi-myeon, Sejong City under his wife's name.

Immediately after retirement, I purchased land in Yeonseo-myeon, Sejong City.

However, speculation suspicions and conflicts of interest arose as the area around the land purchased the following year was selected as a candidate for the national industrial complex.

The Severe Crime Investigation Division, the direct investigation department of the National Investigation Headquarters, was put into the investigation of the former commissioner.

In addition to the long-term internal investigation, the serious crime investigation department is in charge of direct investigation, so it seems that a high-intensity investigation will proceed to apply the anti-corruption law and confiscate speculative profits.

The investigation of incumbent lawmakers is also on track.

The South Gyeonggi Police Agency has begun reviewing the alleged speculation of land in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do by Democratic Party lawmaker Yang Hyang-ja.

An official of the Special Division explained, "The prosecution has passed the complaint and has been distributed," and said, "It has not been arrested as a suspect at this stage."

An official from a civic group who raised the suspicion of speculation by Rep. Seo Young-seok of the same party was also called as the accuser and investigated it.

To this day, there are 102 public officials and 32 LH employees who have been subject to internal investigations and investigations.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Kang Yun-gu, Kim Min-cheol, Video editing: So Ji-hye)