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Japanese cuisine enjoys excellent fame - and health - in our country and good proof of this are the places that have opened in the capital in recent months.

Basque-Japanese fusion, kaikesi cuisine, Nikkei version ... The offer is wide and most tempting.


The neighborhood of Las Salesas houses the first restaurant in Madrid of the Nomo Group.

Japanese cuisine based on seasonal produce

and with chef Naoyuki Haginoya, tanned at sushi bars, izakayas and yakinukus in Tokyo, at the forefront.

To start, you can choose some tapas - you can not miss their sukiyaki croquette (Japanese croquette of battered oxtail) - or their okonomi omelette (open omelette with octopus and okonomiyaki sauce).

Their mullet has become one of the most acclaimed dishes in the place.

It offers a wide and very successful variety of nigiris and rainbow rolls.

Irresistible desserts come from its bakery, such as the green tea cheesecake with yuzu.

They also offer more than 15 wine references by the glass.

The space is divided into two floors and the interior design is the work of Cirera + Espine.


: Bárbara de Braganza, 8. Average price: 40-50 euros.

Reservations phone: 910 88 75 74.

Grilled hamachi talo from Asiako.


The grill and the excellent raw material are the axes on which the new space of the Sr. Ito Group revolves, which

combines the best of Basque and Asian cuisine


Captained by chefs Sergio Monterde and Raúl Romero, the menu surprises from start to finish.

We started with the pintxos, specifically with the dim sum of betizu oxtail, cured quail yolk, cooked demi-glace and smoked Idiazábal.

Very good artichokes and surprisingly grilled hamachi thallus.

The tamago-tortilla with cider soufflé with kimchee and spider crab and wok shells, veloute of Thai green sauce with txakoli and Asian citrus leaves no one indifferent.

The cheesecake is the perfect closing.



Marqués de Riscal, 5. Reservations: 609 027 014. Average price:

Yoko Hasei, chef at Le Clab.JAVIER MARTÍNEZ


Yoko Hasei (image) is the chef of this Japanese who only has three tables and focuses on kaiseki cuisine, little known in our country.

Located in the stately Casa Gallardo, it shares a building -and project- with the Allard Club.

Kaiseki cuisine is "a celebration, where seasonal and fresh products prevail," he said a few days after opening.

They prepare two tasting menus

: Maiko (120 euros) and Geisha (150).

Among the dishes that have already captivated diners, the scallop with batashouyu, the tuna kawari tartare and the seasonal vegetable tempura and the mullet on daikon turnip and edamame.

The long option includes chawan mushi with Japanese clam and wagyu meat.

The 500-square-meter space has preserved the tapestries and papers on the walls, as well as the park.

Weekends must be booked a month in advance.


: Ferraz, 2. Reservations phone: 673 838 980. Tasting menu from 120 euros.

Sanguchito bao de octopus anticuchero by Ponja Nikkei.


It has only been open for a month and a half and the second project of the Quispe group has already garnered rave reviews.

Japanese-Peruvian cuisine shines in this space where

pisco sour, of which there is a wide variety, are a real downfall


The menu is divided into cold cuisine (based on tiraditos, ceviches, sushi and starters) and hot cuisine.

The chutoro tataki and the scallop tiradito are very tasty.

The nigiris -the squid and the tuna perucho are among the best- and the makis -the fish cebichero of the day does not disappoint- they point out good manners.

The anti-bargain octopus ironed bath is one of the most striking items on the menu.

Of the hot proposals, the roasted aubergine with pickled ponja mushrooms is very popular.


: Almirante, 20. Telephone: 629217631. Average price: 50-60 euros.

Fake espardeña nigiri from 99 Sushi Bar.


It is one of the benchmarks of Japanese haute cuisine that you have to visit from time to time to try its novelties.

This spring, the Japanese katsu sando sandwich, which is made with Wagyu sirloin, enters the menu and is a real delight.

In the offer of nigiris, the one with sea urchin butter with sea bass and caviar and the false espardeña nigiri with leek potato, marrow, and caviar stands out.

Aojosi cockles, which are steamed with tentsuyu broth and garlic, have the ballots to be one of the star dishes of the season.

They have delivery and take away services (99 Sushi Bar AtHome) and the group announces that 99 KO Sushi Bar AtHome will be operating shortly.


: Padre Damián, 23. Alberto Alcocer corner.

Telephone: 91 359 38 01. Average price: 60-70 euros.

The variety of fish is a hallmark of Kappo.


Mario Payán's bar is a benchmark in the capital as far as nigiris are concerned.

For the variety of fish it uses and for their quality.

And of course for the rice, key in these snacks.

He prepares them with San Pedro rooster, shrimp and piparra, lemon fish, belly, parrocha, mackerel, eel, squid and sea urchin ... Payán, trained in the Kabuki kitchens, leaves for the night to choose the genre in Mercamadrid and he takes care of cleaning all the fish himself.

His small Chamberí venue, with a capacity now for 16 diners, is always full.

It has delivery too.


: Bretón de los Herreros, 54. Telephone: 910 420 066. Average price: 70 euros.

Ikigai room.


The Michelin guide has highlighted this place for its "coherence, technique and quality in an informal setting".

This and more is Ikigai, which opened its doors in 2018. Yong Wu Nagahi's kitchen work, with plenty of seasonal produce and high-level technique, is outstanding.

This season he has opted for the omakase menu, for those who want to be guided by the chef.

The white prawn with sea bass pilpil with wasabi, crispy on the heads and teardrop peas and the white prawn gyozas are two of the novelties on the menu.

There is also a tuna carbonara, where the udon take center stage, and some cod tripe with confitted and fried rooster crests that are delicious.

His commitment to merging Japanese, Spanish and French cultures continues to improve.

Both the menu and the new dishes can be enjoyed at the bar and at the table.


: Flor Baja, 5. Telephone: 916 226 374. Average price: 60-70 euros.

Omakase menu;

80 euros.

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