Regarding Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong's suspicion of routine administration of Propofol, the Prosecutors' Investigation Review Committee, composed of external experts, recommended that the investigation be stopped.

However, it is not necessary to follow this recommendation, so it remains to be seen whether the investigation team will accept it.

This is reporter Ahn Hee-jae.

<Reporter> The

conclusion of the prosecution's investigation deliberation committee after a four-hour meeting is the suspension of the investigation against Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong.

It is reported that the participants of the deliberation committee, including Chairman Yang Chang-soo, went through the voting process immediately after hearing the opinions of the investigation team and Vice Chairman Lee in turn.

As a result of 14 out of 16 voters, more were not allowed to continue the investigation in an 8v6.

On whether to hand over the vice-chairman to the trial, opinions were tight on a 7-to-7 basis.

Vice-Chairman Lee, who is not obligated to attend, was absent.

It is known that the lawyers adhered to the position that "they were treated by receiving professional opinions from a doctor, but there was no illegality."

In response to the recommendation to stop the investigation, Vice Chairman Lee expressed a position that he respected the decision of the deliberation committee, and the prosecution said that he would review the final conclusion by combining the results of the investigation and opinions of the deliberation committee.

The decision of the deliberation committee is not enforceable, and the investigation team is not obligated to follow it.

In the case of the Investigation Deliberation Committee held in June last year, it was recommended to suspend the investigation and not prosecute Lee's alleged illegal merger of affiliates.

Apart from the prosecution's investigation, the police are also conducting an investigation regarding Lee's administration of propofol.