Police arrested a man in his 30s who sprinkled coffee or spit on a woman alone at night, took off his pants and exposed his genitals.

Gyeongnam Changwon Central Police Department announced today (26th) that A (32) was arrested and investigated on charges of assault, performance indecent, and theft.

A is accused of spitting 15 times or spraying liquids such as coffee and water against a woman alone while riding a bicycle through the streets of Seongsan-gu, Changwon City at night from the 22nd of last month to the 23rd of last month.

He used a bicycle to make it easier to run after the crime.

From the 14th to the 24th, I was riding a bicycle, and when I saw a woman, I took off my pants and performed indecent three times.

Most of the 18 victims are high school students in their teens and in their twenties.

Some people in their 30s and 40s also suffered damage.

In some cases, we followed the spitting woman's residence and took the elevator together to talk.

Mr. A, who spit on a woman in her twenties on a street in Seongsan-gu on the 16th at about 9 pm and ran away, followed the woman again on a bicycle.

Fortunately, when the woman accused Mr. A of being suspicious, she ran away without further crime.

Mr. A tried to steal a bicycle on the 24th and failed, so he stole a bicycle from another place.

The police believe that Mr. A stole and discarded the bicycle every crime based on evidence, such as the color of the bicycle on which Mr. A was riding on a closed circuit (CC) TV.

Police tracked the traffic line and arrested Mr. A yesterday near his residence.

In a police investigation, Mr. A revealed the reason for the crime, saying, "As dissatisfaction with the situation where it was difficult to go out due to Corona 19 after losing his job, he committed a crime against a socially disadvantaged woman."

Regarding the performance lewdness, it is said that he said, "There was a history of punishment for forced harassment in the past, so I did not make physical contact."

The police are planning to apply for an arrest warrant against Mr. A because the crime level is serious and there is a risk of escape.

(Photo = Gyeongnam Police Agency, Yonhap News)