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Taiwanese computer company Acer, which specializes in computer products, was the victim of a ransomware attack carried out by a gang of cybercriminals.

Called REvil, this group of hackers demands a ransom of $ 50 million, which is the largest known sum that has ever been requested in this type of attack, reports the specialized media

Bleeping Computer


If the company does not pay the requested amount, hackers threaten it with leaking confidential documents.

The criminals published this Thursday screenshots of financial documents as well as files notably related to commercial partnerships.

However, it seems that the hackers failed to reach the production line of the computer manufacturer.

No negotiations at the moment

The Taiwanese company has yet to confirm this attack.

The Record Media

managed to access exchanges between the cybercriminals and a negotiator commissioned by Acer.

“What you need is money.

I need my job and the trust of my boss.

But you are not giving me any negotiation opportunity to present to my boss.

I am really in difficulty in this situation ”, launched the negotiator to the criminals.

“Then your boss must contact us himself.

You are an incompetent negotiator, ”replied a member of REvil.

It is therefore currently impossible to know whether these negotiations will ultimately be successful.


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