The Android version of the Clubhouse audio chat app will be available for download "in a few months".

The company said this in a Clubhouse stream on Sunday,




Founder Paul Davison is said to be concerned that a too rapid rollout to Android would have a negative impact on the app.

The algorithm that determines which Clubhouse rooms are recommended to you would have little idea what to do with a lot of new content.

The company is therefore working on the activity tab of the app.

The app will also receive more functions that focus on user behavior.

The current door policy, whereby new users can only join by invitation, must also be overhauled in the coming months.

Clubhouse allows users to talk to other users in virtual 'rooms' via audio chat.

These rooms are usually focused on specific subjects.

Twitter Spaces, a competing feature of Twitter, is already available on Android.

Spaces is still in a testing phase, but is being rolled out to more and more users.

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