Four teens were caught by the police while trying to steal and resell more than 20 mobile phones.

The actions of the store staff who were suspicious of teenagers who had sold expensive mobile phones shone.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Park Chan-beom.


Two teens enter the store to sell used mobile phones.

Expensive cell phones come out of these pockets one after another.

[Kang Young-hyun/Store employee: I'll tell you when you're sitting.]

At this time, another employee reported to the police and

[Kang Young-hyun/Store employee: You stole this (mobile phone)?"

Did you steal it?]

Lock the door to prevent teenagers from running away.

When a police officer on the mobilization questioned teenagers for a stolen cell phone, they finally admitted the crime.

[Police: Come here!

Wake up!] The

cell phone that teens brought to sell to this company was identified as a used cell phone stolen from another store in Wonju, Gangwon in the early morning of the day.

Four teens, including two who were caught selling cell phones, were involved in the crime.

At the dawn of the 16th, 25 mobile phones were stolen from the store door in Wonju, Gangwon-do.

This is the latest variety with a medium-high price of over 500,000 won per piece.

[Damaged store owners: About 25 units, mainly for the latest mobile phones. The amount is estimated to be about 15 million won.]

By the way, the store that stole the mobile phone and the store that tried to sell it were the same companies.

The staff in the Seoul store heard the news of the damage in the Wonju store, and they were suspicious of those who sold expensive mobile phones.

[Kim Joon-hyuk/Seoul store employee: Even though he is using an expensive mobile phone, it

is suspicious

that the kids sell it.]

I decided to give it.

(Video editing: Yoomira, VJ: Noh Jaemin, screen provided: Girls' Phone Hoegi Station)