Twitter is about to review policies for politicians' behavior on Twitter, the company announced on its website.

The platform enlists the help of users and experts in this regard.

The company distributed a survey on Friday in which people can express their opinion.

"We want to hear if the public thinks world leaders should follow the same rules on Twitter as others," writes the social medium.

"And we want to know what is appropriate punishment if a government leader breaks the rules."

Twitter is also in talks with academics and human rights experts.

In 2017, Twitter changed its policy after then-US President Donald Trump called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "little missile man."

He said in the tweet that the North Koreans would not be around for long.

North Korea interpreted the tweet as a declaration of war.

While the tweet violated Twitter's guidelines, the message was not removed.

According to the platform, the tweet was newsworthy and in the public interest.

Social media are struggling to deal with politicians

Yet social media companies find it difficult to set boundaries.

Twitter and Facebook are trying to put warnings on messages where the content may be incorrect.

Yet earlier this year, action was taken after the storming of the US Capitol.

In a video, Trump made statements that could be construed as incitement to hatred.

After two more messages, in which he claimed, among other things, that his supporters were treated unfairly in the election, Trump was permanently blocked on Twitter.

At the moment he also cannot access his account on Facebook.